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Swagath is pretty big thing to explore

Checkout features:

Capture Images

Identoty verification of visitors via Image Capture

Visitor Verification

Visitors are authenticated via OTP through email and sms

Long term Storage

Historical data is store for 5+ years.


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There is birds eye view dashboard for administrator to see whats happening in the organisation. Complete management of multiple Access points at different location. Realtime reports of Visitors and one click data access.

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How Swagath works?

You can register by clicking Get Swagath button. Enter your basic information and can get started for free. No payment required.

In Swagath safe to use?

Swagath data storage and api mechanisms are engineered in worldclass security standards. The infra structure we use if certified copes with all major data protection regulations

When will Swagath Charge us?

When your usage is above free tier limits, we will send you a reminder to move to the paid plan which is of a minimal cost. But you always have the option to move to the premium plans

check     Higher productivity

Starting from the receptionist to the host every body is engaged multiple times to make sure offline visitor management works smooth. Swagath reduces human efforts there by increasing the productivity of emaployees at all levels

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Pricing Table:




  • 1 Access Point / Location
  • 100 Visitors Per Month
  • Custom Branding & Colors
  • Image Capture
  • 6 months - Visitory history
  • Email customer support




(Paid Annually)

  • 3 Access Point / Location
  • 1000 Visitors Per Month
  • Custom Branding & Colors
  • Image Capture
  • OTP Verification
  • 5 Years - Visitory history
  • 24/7 customer support




(Paid Annually)

  • Premium plan features +
  • Additional Access points
  • Customised Workflows
  • 5 Years - Visitory history
  • 24/7 customer support

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